Sunday, 27 May 2012

26/5/12 Readers' Cats Part 3

Thank you to Chloe for her picture of the very handsome Magic. The only boy to venture onto this Blog site!

Magic is three years old and loves nothing better than being stroked by his best friend Harry and relaxing on the driveway; preferably in the sunshine!


  1. Doesn't Magic look such a handsome chap?
    I wish my Kushka loved strokes as much as Magic appears to! :)

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  3. Yes he does look lovely! :-) Is Kushka quite an independent cat? Bubbles loved to be stroked but only on her terms.... If she's not in the mood we soon know about it! :-)

  4. Yes, Kushka is the same, and only tolerates strokes and petting if there are some Dreamies as a reward for her munificence {grin}
    Mind you, she does cutch down beside me quite often, purring away, so I guess that's her way of showing affection :)

  5. Ah yes! The trickery of food bribery :-) It works every time! It sounds like Kushka enjoys your company, even if not a lap cat it's nice she chooses to sit next to you for a fuss.

    Bubbles is not really keen on sitting on my knee, she would rather be on the cushion beside me but does like to climb on me in bed for a purr and a cuddle :-)