Saturday, 12 May 2012

8/5/12 Shopping

Today, I have been shopping for interview clothes: Smart black trousers, a smart red top and a smart, military style red suit jacket. I feel good in my new outfit! I am pretty sure Bubbles approves, judging by all the bouncing she has done on the shopping bags!

Cats seem to have a love of anything "crinkly!" Bubbles adores pouncing on plastic bags, especially if they then skid across the floor with her riding proudly like a furry surfer.

These antics always make me laugh, although NOT so popular was the time Bubbles spied me arranging all my uni notes on the lounge floor. All seventeen pages, I hasten to add, were painstakingly arranged in my attempt to organise a rather complicated end of module project.

Unfortunately Bubbles was unaware of this, as she raced into the room, skidding with immense accuracy onto the first sheet which had a rather super cascading effect as all my notes whizzed across the room haphazardly out of order! "AAAGH!" I kind of half shrieked, half yelled, half choked, whilst Bubbles just looked at me inquisitively, twitched her ears then thoughtfully surveyed the mess of papers before legging it back out of the room and upstairs two at a time "Miaowing" excitedly!

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