Saturday, 19 May 2012

19/5/12 Mess!

On waking up after a nice lie in this morning I decided to venture downstairs to make a cup of tea then bring it upstairs to drink in the comfort of my warm, cosy bed.

I opened the door to the spare bedroom to let in some light then trudged off downstairs to find the kettle.... On returning upstairs, carefully carrying my hot cup of tea, I manoevred back into bed, pulling the quilt cosily around me.

"Aaaagh" I gave a sigh (which rather too closely resembled that of the PG Tips monkey), relaxed and took another sip.


"Oh my goodness" I announced (or similar slightly less printable words to that effect) and tumbled back out of bed. Quickly, I shoved my tea onto a bedside coaster and rushed to the spare room.

Bubbles was innocently sitting on my computer desk, staring at a mark on the ceiling. Around her, destruction littered the floor: A purse, some earrings and a dozen CDs had mysteriously found their way from the shelf, onto the carpet.

"Miaow!" said Bubbles. She had decided the ceiling mark was in fact some sort of bug (maybe even a spider) and was not to be convinced otherwise. I thought she had been rather quiet, as Bubbles' normal morning routine involves coming to the kitchen with me, having a spot of breakfast then "Miaowing" to be let into the lounge to investigate the settee cushions and her activity centre. "It's nothing exciting" I told her but she stared, unblinking at the ceiling. I left her to her vigil and returned to the snugness of my bed, to drink the remains of my now cold tea!

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  1. I often have to clear up after Kushka has gone spider chasing, as she'll often launch herself from my bookshelves to get at them!
    The trouble with that, though, is that I end up having to fix all the books that are casualties of her shenanigans - it's like being in a war zone when she hunts spiders! {grin}
    Does Bubbles eat the spiders she catches?
    I ask, as Kushka does - there's nothing worse than the sound of a cat chewing on a spider! {yeurk!}