Saturday, 19 May 2012

14/5/12 Spiders

After a busy day I had fallen asleep in the lounge (for a change!)

Deciding it was time for bed I made my way upstairs to draw the curtains. On yanking at the bedroom curtain I noticed a dark patch on the cream coloured material - just above my head. A SPIDER!

"AAAAGGGGHHH!" I involuntarily screamed. "What are you DOING?" My other half hissed up the stairs. "It's half past eleven at night. The neighbours will be calling the police!"

Bubbles did not need to be told there was a spider on the premises. My scream said it all. A bang downstairs told me that she had launched off her activity centre. I could hear her racing up the stairs, chirruping the whole time as she charged into the bedroom, tail curved high above her back in excitement!

I shook the curtain & carefully banged at it with my hand. The spider fell off. I danced out of the way, stifling another scream as the spider scurried across the carpet with Bubbles in hot pursuit. A furry black foot reached out & patted the spider. It stopped in its tracks & curled itself up on the floor; pretending to be killed. Bubbles & I were not fooled. We had seen this sort of trickery before. We knew the minute our backs were turned the spider would be up & scurrying away!

Just then my other half arrived, armed with a paper towel. "Where is it?" he demanded. Bubbles squeaked, dancing round the spider. I pointed, jigging nervously on the spot lest the eight legged one should jump up and move towards me. My other half deftly manoeuvred the paper towel over the spider, grabbed it & deposited it out of the window.

Bubbles looked disappointed. I looked ridiculous - a fully grown woman screeching at the sight of a spider!

OK, so it wasn't QUITE this big!

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