Sunday, 19 May 2013

28/4/13 The Motorbike Show

Today, we went to a classic motorbike show. Now I'm not really a biker kind of girl but I did make some technical observations of the many bikes we saw:

Some were "shiny", some were "silvery", some were "blue", some were "red", some were "big" and some were "uncomfy looking". I have to say, this is the limit of my motorbike knowledge. There were some rare and interesting looking bikes from World War 1 and some amazingly long, solid looking contraptions that made me wonder how on earth they ever managed to go along whilst staying upright (riding motorbikes is also not my forte; after a rather unpleasant incident one holiday in Greece involving a slow motion parking problem between the scooter I was attempting to ride and a tree!) The classic bike owners had all restored their motorbikes to beautiful condition and many had won rosettes for their efforts.

All in all it was a fun day out but the weather could have been somewhat warmer for the time of year. At about four o clock I looked at my watch. I felt it could have been four o clock on a cold, October day, with a dusky tint to the sky and icy cold air.

When we arrived home we cranked up the heating in order to defrost, much to Bubbles' pleasure, as she had a lovely evening baking by the radiator!

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