Sunday, 14 October 2012

8/9/12 Keys?

Hmmmm, where are my Mum's keys.

As the weather has cooled down quite a bit now, I haven't been too worried about watering Mum's plants on a daily basis. Every few days would be plenty but the trouble is I cannot find the keys to Mum's house. My other half and I have searched high and low, much to Bubbles' delight as we turfed out cupboard upon cupboard and made a lovely mess for her to pounce through in the hall as we grumpily looked for the keys.

In the end we decided the only way to deal with the situation and avoid killing off Mum's prize pergonias would be if my other half went round and climbed over the fence into the back garden.

Now this plan was not without serious risks. We realised he could 1) fall and hurt himself, 2) fall and break the fence, 3) fall and crush the flowers, 4) successfully climb over but split his trousers or 5) get arrested if any vigilant neighbours spotted him hopping over the fence and called the police.

He decided point number five was the lowest risk as the neighbours did, in fact know him and would recognise the car, so set off on his perilous journey taking care to avoid points number one to four!

He arrived back an hour later unscathed and happily reported a successful plant watering mission

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