Sunday, 14 April 2013

7/4/13 To Flea Or Not To Flea

Bubbles is looking mightily suspicious here and you might well wonder why but ensconced in my hand, hidden from view is a pipette containing her flea prevention treatment!

What ensued next can only be described as a "wrestling match" with me grabbing Bubbles before she had chance to scurry for cover under the bed!

I grabbed her. She instantly stiffened then seemingly relaxed in my grip but no, this was just a ploy, a trick to convince me to loosen my grip; as if she was going to sit still and allow me to apply the stinky syrup. I don't think so!

The minute my grip loosened slightly to snap the plastic covering of the pipette, Bubbles tried to make a lunge for it! I (for once) was quicker and we both ended up on the floor in the style of a very ungraceful rugby tackle.

Bubbles hunched down, again, as if to suggest she might allow me near her with the foul smelling mixture but as soon as I altered my position she tried to shuffle underneath me, attempting to escape backwards until I was almost sitting on her!

This was not going well but with the cold wintery snow having given way to much warmer, Spring weather, I knew plenty of bugs, insects and fleas would now be flitting mischievously around the garden waiting to infest themselves on any unsuspecting creature so I was determined she must receive the preventative treatment. As my Mother always says; "prevention is better than cure!"

I would not give in. This time I held Bubbles firmly, parted her neck fur and quickly squeezed the contents of the pipette onto her neck. She "miaowed" piteously as if I was torturing her. Soothingly, I praised her for being so good then the minute I released her she bounded away, up the stairs, to recover her composure under the bed!

I, meanwhile, went panting into the kitchen in search of a much needed large glass of water to drink!

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