Friday, 21 September 2012

31/8/12 - 1/9/12 London 2012

After our holiday to Bridlington, my Mum and I had the mad notion to whizz off to London the very next day, in order to watch the Paralympic Games at London 2012.

We felt like we had barely got off the train after our journey back from the seaside when we were on it again first thing the next morning for our trip to London

We booked into St Paul's Youth Hostel Association hostel, which was opposite St. Paul's Cathedral.

All I can say, never having set eyes on the cathedral up close before, is "WOW!" It is MAGNIFICENT!

The Paralympic Games were all we could have hoped for and more. It was a fantastic, emotive, exciting and inspiring experience. The audience created a wonderful atmosphere and we were proud to be part of it. When a Mexican wave came around, we heard a rushing / roaring sound as it approached - sounding just like a real wave forming and swirling in the sea, rising and rushing to break into a froth and foam of white water.

When Hannah Cockroft won a Gold medal for Great Britain, we all had the honour of standing to sing our British National Anthem. I felt so proud and quite choked up. It was an amazing experience.

I arrived home exhausted on the Saturday evening, to the chaos of dirty washing, unpacked suitcases and sandy beach shoes I had deposited haphazardly in the hall! Bubbles was having a great time sitting in my suitcase, curled nice and comfortably on my clean, folded clothes! When lifted out she "Miaowed" loudly in protest, then went to have a quick scratch on her scratching post (looking sideays to check what I was doing!) When I left the room, she sneakily decided the suitcase was still her seat, so this time curled up snugly on top of the closed, fabric lid, making a lovely cat shaped dip in which she could snooze contentedly!

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