Friday, 21 September 2012

25/8/12 - 30/8/12 Bridlington

My Mum and I have had a fantastic holiday in Bridlington. We were so lucky with the weather, as we had glorious hot sunshine on the day we chose to walk along the cliff path from Bridlington to Flamborough.The scenery was beautiful; sparkling blue sea with barely a ripple and only the odd sea-kayaker paddling calmly along (no doubt exploring the many wondrous sea caves etched out along the cliffs.)

We found secluded bays and even a tiny lifeboat station tucked away between the cliffs. It was glorious walking along, watching the golden cornfields sweeping and curving into the distance.

We also had an exciting boat trip, which took us across the bay from Bridlington harbour, along the North Beach then on to Flamborough Head, where we saw both the old and the new lighthouses. We had brilliant views of the sea caves, as well as pillars of rocks in many biazrre shapes. Some were nicknamed the Bridlington "Elephants" and one was even nicknamed "The Queen." The water was a tropical aqua green / turqouise.

On our return journey into the bay, we discovered an RAF sea rescue helicopter performing exercise manoevres in the bay. They did a fly by, especially for us!

I really enjoyed my holiday but was equally hapopy to be home; where Bubbles greeted me with her furry tail held high, lots of little excited squeaks and a showing off marathon on her scratching post, all the time checking I was watching and making a fuss of her!

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