Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December 2014 Christmas Cat

Happy New Year & huge apologies to our readers for not having written sooner! My writing has been resting while I've been suffering with a spot of ill health. All hopefully ok now, so normal writing will hopefully be resumed!

Bubbles has been THE MOST AMAZING company while I have been poorly. She has lain on my bed with me, curled up beside me on the settee & provided constant entertainment every day with all her antics & constant companionship. She is a truly special cat

As the year draws to a close, I feel compelled to write a brief summary of 2014; firstly from my own perspective, then from the perspective of my lovely Bubbles cat

MY 2014 
January: Rain, rain & more rain (also my birthday, but mainly rain)
February: Lovely short holiday to Llanfairfechan (I can spell this now without needing to look but I'm not sure I will ever be able to pronounce it)
March: Lots of wedding planning with my Other Half
April: An exciting Easter trip to London with Mum with pretty amazing weather
May: The hot weather got hotter
June: The hot weather continued
July: The amazingly hot weather meant a beautiful weekend camping in Wales, basking in the best July weather we have had for years, swimming in the sea (where I just missed getting stung by a jellyfish swimming straight past my face), helping my friend with her wedding preparations & enjoying a glorious day as bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding
August: Holiday to Majorca (where I actually did get stung by a jellyfish!)
September: More wedding preparations & the start of Autumn
October: House painting with my Other Half
November: Being ill all month
December: Still being ill. Enjoying spending a quiet Christmas with my Other Half, my Mum & my lovely Bubbles


January: Rain rain & more rain. No going outside
February: An exciting holiday to Wales. I went in the car in my travel cage. The house we went to was BIG. I could see the sea. I liked the wooden giraffes. I didn't break anything but I was naughty & wouldn't let Mummy & Daddy catch me for going home time!
March: Lots of sleeping & looking forward to the Spring
April: Warm weather & lots of fun in the garden
May: Chasing sticks
June: Chasing sticks outside EVERY DAY
July: Feeling hot! Being sent for a little holiday at the cattery. I'm not allowed to go camping
August: At the cattery again! I had a lovely time
September: Catching daddy long legs in the garden. Well, trying to. They are so buzzy & quick
October: At the cattery again. When I got home all the doors smelt funny. I had to rub my head on them EXTRA hard to make them smell of me again
November: Looking after poorly Mummy. Lots of cat cuddles for her every day
December: Looking after Mummy then eating LOTS of turkey


I hope all of our readers have had a happy & prosperous 2014 & a wonderful, happy, safe & peaceful Christmas. We wish you a very Happy New Year

See you in 2015


  1. Sorry you haven't been well. It's lovely to read your blog again.
    Happy New Year.
    J x

    1. Hi Joy, Thank you for commenting on my Blog. I'm so sorry only to be replying to you now! I hope you are well & still enjoying your Blog writing xx