Saturday, 7 June 2014

June 2014 Thunder Cats

It is a common misconception that all animals are afraid of storms. Yes, it is true that physically, they are able to sense a storm approaching. This is due to the drop from high air pressure to low that animals can feel as the weather changes from fine to stormy. As cats' ears are so sensitive, this must be quite painful. Cats will often rub at their ears as a storm approaches.

Some cats feel unsettled and nervous during these physiological changes and then, as the thunder and lightening starts, this will heighten their fear. Bubbles, however, is not one bit bothered....

This morning, I awoke early at about 6 a.m. The house and outside world seemed to be in silence. I slept and re-awoke at 7.30 (something had made me jump awake!) The rain was hammering onto the ground and rumbles of thunder were reverberating around. I instantly looked to see if Bubbles was ok. She was lazily stretched out on the bed by my feet, head up slightly, listening and yawning! Soooooooooooo laid back!

I must have dozed off for a bit longer as the next time I woke up, Bubbles was lying next to me on the bed. Well, when I say NEXT to me, she was actually a good few inches higher up than me; peering down at my sleepy face. I opened my eyes to see her perched high up on top of the humpy shape of my other half; still fast asleep in bed! Bubbles had climbed up on top of her "mountain" and was all snuggled up cosily, protecting us from the storm.

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