Saturday, 17 May 2014

May 2014 Pigeon Pandemonium

A couple of weeks ago, one evening, while I was hanging out the washing in the back garden, Bubbles was unusually quiet, sitting on the patio. She was lying on her front, facing up the side of the garden shed. There is a gap between the shed and the garden fence, where we have put up some trellis fencing. Bubbles was lying very still, concentrating on something, tail twitching, looking through, carefully watching.

I went to have a look, out of curiosity, at what Bubbles was so fascinated by. I got a big surprise when I looked through the trellis to see a beady black eye looking back at me! A young pigeon was sitting on the gravel in the narrow area between shed and fence, apparently unhurt and unperturbed by its predicament and the fact a large, black, yellow eyed cat was watching it! Bubbles, in fact, was just curious about the pigeon. She clearly wasn't going to hurt it because if she had wanted to capture the bird, she would have been through that trellis in a flash. She was just happily watching the mysterious winged creature that had made its way into our garden and was now sitting, bobbing prettily behind the fence.

Later that evening, we kept checking on the pigeon. It was still there so we decided to take the trellis down and encourage it out into the garden so it could eat, drink and fly off when it was ready. It occurred to us that having either fallen down the side of the shed or having possibly jumped down, it might not have enough room to flap its wings ready to fly off again.

We put a little dish of water outside, in case it was unwell or had been in shock and needed a little refreshment to get going again. My other half tried to gently encourage it out of the gap and the pigeon immediately marched past, knocked over its water in the process and marched purposefully down the garden! All evening it sat on the lawn, occasionally running up and down the garden, flapping its wings ready for take off. It seemed unable to leave the ground, however, both its wings looked undamaged and the pigeon seemed healthy. It was quite probable that it had been sitting by the shed for a while and might just need to regain its strength through food and water. There was plenty of food (worms) and water for the pigeon to access in the garden and we felt it had a safe chance of spending a few hours resting, recharging and refuelling; ready to be on its way.

The following morning I glanced outside. There was the pigeon, sitting right in the middle of the lawn, bobbing its head excitedly. I looked again a few minutes later.... only to see an ENORMOUS brown cat sitting a foot away from the innocent fowl. I shrieked - (my response to most crises) and banged furiously on the window. The cat started in shock, lunged at the pigeon which ran (extraordinarily fast), wings a-flapping, down the garden; chased by the furry feline. There seemed to be a slight scuffle by the fence. I banged loudly on the window, the cat looked round and the bird seized its chance and flew off - over the fence to freedom! I banged again and the brown cat raced across the lawn and legged it over the neighbour's fence. It was clearly unimpressed that its deliciously anticipated feather breakfast had escaped.

I was still staring in shock out of the window, having not been able to quite believe my eyes. Bubbles, unaware of the pandemonium that had just occurred, sauntered into the room for treats and a fuss, cocked her head enquiringly at me, "Miaow"ed and jumped up onto the bed, purring loudly.


  1. Dear Bubbles - what a sweet natured cat.
    J x

    1. Thanks Joy, she is a little love :-) I hope you & your kitties are all well xx