Saturday, 17 May 2014

March 2014 March Mischief

March has been an interesting month. The weather was generally mild with some lovely sunshine, a few torrential downpours and some chilly frosts.

It hasn't really been outside weather and Bubbles has been busy making friends with a spider in the skirting board of the lounge.

The spider revealed itself one evening when I was standing in the middle of the room, talking to Bubbles, who was drinking from her water bowl. She suddenly stopped and sat very still; with just the tip of her tail twitching in repressed excitement. I stupidly said "What? Is it a spider?" As she often becomes statuesque when arachnid spotting.

Bubbles ignored me but the tail twitching became more frantic and suddenly.... two spindly legs poked out from a hole in the skirting board. I, of course, shrieked and leapt backwards several feet! Bubbles "miaow"ed very loudly and the spider yanked its legs back in and disappeared into the wall.

Exactly one week later, on another Tuesday evening, Bubbles and I were both in the lounge having a conversation by the water bowl, when I noticed a flickering movement from the skirting board and two skinny, tentative legs poked out. I think the spider just wanted to come out to be sociable and join in with our conversation! I, however, jumped backwards again and frightened the spider away.

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