Saturday, 17 May 2014

April 2014 April Sunshine

Easter was very late this year, which also meant beautiful, spring weather. I have excelled myself in the garden and actually managed to plant some hanging baskets. The baskets are really funky, in a half moon shape with rustic metal birds on the arched frames they hang by; creating the effect of a background bird cage. We then raided the sale rack at B&Q for some squashed pansies and a lonely geranium, as well as sweet peas and some other flowers I cannot pronounce!

I spuddled in the garden, making a muddy mess on the patio, assisted by Bubbles, who kept sniffing the plants and rubbing against me, the new hanging baskets and the compost bag! We eventually sat back on our haunches, feeling satisfied at the horticultural creation we had made.

Bubbles became skittish at the sight of the baskets being lifted into the air and attached to the fence and walls. She raced inside, to peer out from the safety of the lounge windowsill. After everything was safely installed, she ventured out and proceeded to pad up the garden, staring in awe at our wonderful creations:

 (ok, so ours are not quite like this!)


  1. I was going to say what lovely hanging paskets until I read the comment! I bet yours will be lovely too!
    J x

    1. Thanks! ;-) They are coming along quite well actually - much to my utter surprise! I have all different colour pansies flowering at the moment & the geranium seems to be simply blooming! How is your garden?