Monday, 14 April 2014

February 2014 Holiday Havoc!

We decided to brave the decidedly dodgy weather and ventured forth on our intrepid adventure to North Wales. We had found, on the internet, an old stone cottage at a very reasonable price (most probably due to us being the only people crazy enough to brave the weather.)

The week leading up to our trip was horrendous; weather wise. However, the day we were due to travel dawned bright, sunny and calm. We packed (i.e. I shoved TONS of clothes into the suitcase, then sat on it), bundled Bubbles into the car, made sure the sandwiches were easily retrievable (ok, well maybe I just needed to see them to make sure we had remembered to pack them.... ok, well, REALLY, maybe I just wanted to have them to hand so we could start them straight away) then we set off!

The journey was pleasant and the moment, when you first glimpse the sea was just as exciting as ever. I will never tire of that feeling and it always brings a big smile to my face.

We arrived and the cottage was. just. STUNNING! It was an upside down layout with a gorgeous, modern, open plan living area above and amazing views of the Menai Straits; not to mention the two enormous skylights that enabled views of the mountain hillside directly behind, piercing blue sky and fluffy white clouds scudding past above. The downstairs contained a large stone floor foyer with a modern shower room to the front and a beautiful bedroom either side (both, I hasten to add, with stunning views of the estuary.) Now please excuse me if I sound a bit like an estate agent here, I just really want to describe in detail how beautiful the house was. The bedrooms, with antique beds, mirrors and desks were like something out of a Jane Austen novel. I had taken my writing with me and sitting both at the kitchen table above, with views out onto the Menai Straits from one window and a mountain hillside from the other; or sitting below in the bedroom watching a robin sitting on the old stone wall in the lane, with the setting sun glinting on the sea beyond the fields in front of the cottage, inspired me so much. We could have stayed forever!

Llanfairfechan with snow on the mountains beyond

View of the Menai Straits:

Views of the sea:

Views from the lane:

Bubbles had a great time too. She befriended some large wooden giraffes sitting on the shelf of the stairs and we often came up the stairs and caught her sitting smartly beside them. There were three in a row: big, medium and small, then there was a big, furry black cat!

Bubbles also liked the furniture at the cottage. They had a lovely old Chesterfield suite. The sort with wide, rounded arms; perfect for a pussy cat to perch on. Bubbles made herself comfy straight away in her "flying position" astride the arm of the big settee, ready to settle in for a film!

Bubbles in prime viewing position:

Sleepy cat:

We made the most of the idyllic, calm weather and walked the 3/4 mile or so down to the beach the following day. The little village of Llanfairfechan was pretty and charming but a steep climb on the way back up from the beach! I think we took the short route there and the long way back, or, it might just have been harder uphill!

The cottage at night:

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