Sunday, 8 July 2012

1/7/12 Shepherd's Pie

Today is our ninth anniversary so we celebrated with a romantic meal of Shepherd's Pie. Now there is some confusion over whether it is actually called Shepherd's Pie or Cottage Pie. I believe it is differentiated by whether lamb mince is used (therefore giving the shepherd aspect of sheep farming!) Or whether beef meat is used. But what beef has to do with cottages I will never understand!

Anyway, I used beef mince so technically I suppose what I cooked should actually be termed "Cottage Pie." The trouble is, "Cottage Pie" conjures up yukky images for me of grotesque sloppy canteen offerings and I am not sure I want to associate my delicious dinner with those unpleasant images! Whereas "Shepherd's Pie" always reminds me of my Mum's homemade cooking with lovely crunchy bits around the edges.

So.... Shepherd's Pie it is!

When Bubbles was a small kitten, before I realised how sensitive cats stomachs are, I kindly gave her a small helping of Shepherd's Pie one day; thinking she would really enjoy the meat and gravy taste and texture. BIG mistake, which I soon realised when I discovered the Shepherd's pie had been eaten then immediately projectile vomited out all over the kitchen floor!

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