Sunday, 8 July 2012

5/7/12 Summer!


Today has actually been a baking, glorious, sunshiney, cloudless, warm, sunny, hot, boiling, sweltering, sunburning, gorgeous, (am running out of adjectives) summer's day!

Which was pretty lucky because I have spent the day at the zoo! This would not have been a pleasant occurence if the weather had been as foul and wet as it has been lately. But no, the Great British weather did it's thing and proved to be fantastic when needed!

Most of the animals seemed to be enjoying either splashing around in their water environments; cooling off from the heat of the day....

....or just lazing around sunbathing and basking in the glorious heat!

When I got home this evening (rather red from the sun), Bubbles enjoyed a lovely play in the garden whilst I collapsed on the settee, tired but happily full of vitamin D

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