Sunday, 15 July 2012

9/7/12 Rain

Today, I think the weather has played a deliberate trick on the population of Great Britain. For quite a few hours it appeared sunny and I even had to open some windows and remove my cardigan! Bubbles even managed a bit of garden time. Then suddenly at about 8.00pm the sky blackened and the rain just FLOODED down.

It was nice to be able to cosy up indoors but I did feel sorry for anyone who, taking advantage of a seemingly mild summer's evening might have gone for an evening stroll and got a good soaking!

Once again Bubbles and I spent our evening indoors; the sound of the rain hammering against the windows really intrigued Bubbles, who kept trying to look through the darkened glass. The noise and excitement proved too much for her and she began skittishly plucking the carpet on top of her activity centre platform then raced off upstairs for a mad half hour!

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