Sunday, 8 July 2012

7/7/12 Dog

Tonight, my partenr's friend called round, bringing his new puppy with him for me to see. He is a very sweet, calm, gentle dog who enjoyed a good fuss!

When I went back inside, I found Bubbles hovering in the hallway, glancing accusingly towards the door. She obviously realised we had a visitor of the canine variety. Not being used to dogs I did not know what her response would be if she saw one, but was definitely not going to risk a face to face encounter.

Instead, I carefully picked her up and carried her into the kitchen to look through the window. Meanwhile, outside, our friend lifted up his puppy to also look through the window. The two animals looked curiously at one another. Neither hissed, barked or stiffened and they were able to each view the other species with the safety and reassurance of their owner and a double glazed window.

Unfazed, afterwards Tonka the dog got back in his van ready to go home, while Bubbles went off upstairs to play with her ball then have a good rest in the comfort of the spare bedroom chair!

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