Wednesday, 25 July 2012

21/7/12 Gardening

Today I decided to tackle the meadow that is my back garden! So out came the lawn mower (retrieved from the shed by my other half in view of the fearsome large spiders residing there!) He did offer to do the gardening but I wanted it to be my mission, and a mission it was!

Five and a half hours of mowing, re-mowing, shearing the long grasses, pulling weeds out, pruning, edging, hoeing and sweeping and the garden looks FANTASTIC!

Bubbles spent the entire afternoon watching me through the window. Knowing her fear of the loud mower engine it was best to keep her inside where she could supervise from the safety of the lounge. On completion of my gardening efforts, however, she raced outside at high speed, only to skid to a halt on the short spiky grass. "This is not how it was!" I could see her thinking as she padded carefully across the lawn. "Where is my meadow?" I could sense her disappointment at the long grasses being cut down, as she does love to play at lions; pouncing in the long grass!

But as she sprawled out to relax in the shade on one side of the lawn, I decided she was probably quite pleased with my efforts after all!

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