Sunday, 15 July 2012

10/7/12 Full of Cold

Today was the annual Race for Life, however, being absolutely full of cold and with the ground soaking wet and yet more ominous weather approaching; my Mum, my friend and myself took the decision to pull out of the race. The money we paid to register will still go to the charity so we at least feel we have made a small contribution.

I felt terribly guilty for not partaking in the race, as have taken part for the previous few years but realise that I'm not really very well so it was more sensible to stay inside in the warm and dry. My Mum cooked a delicious pasta carbonara with salad and I went from her house home early to bed.

Bubbles was unimpressed when I arrived home smelling of a combination of garlic bread and Fisherman's Friends cough sweets. She took one sniff of me then galloped off upstairs to hide well away from me, under the bed!

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