Wednesday, 25 July 2012

24/7/12 A Run

With my aching muscles threatening to seize up even more, I decided some serious action needed to be taken; in the form of going for a run.

The temperature today has risen to a glorious 26 degrees, so I think my run today could probably be classed as more of a jog / walk / jog / walk. Still, I give myself ten out of ten for effort, as I pounded the pavement, slurping away at my water, with sweat dripping down my face!

On arriving home I collapsed in the garden to cool off much to Bubbles' delight as she enjoyed a lovely, relaxing lie down in the shade; whilst I puffed and panted on the grass next to her (hogging most of the shade I must admit) while trying to get my breath back and trying to feel human again!

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