Sunday, 8 July 2012

2/7/12 Pink Panther

Here is a joke for you....

"What did the Pink panther say when he trod on an ant?"

"Dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant DEAD ANTTTTTTTTTTT!"

Ok, so we are not currently being visited by our tall, pink legged friend, however, we DO have an invasion of horrid little red ants on the outside front porch wall. Yuk!

Sometimes these imposters are also present on the wall in the back garden, where they like to congregate; plotting their next invasion!

Bubbles usually takes one sniff then turns her nose up in disgust as these miniscule monsters are not even worth her bothering to eat. She would much rather focus on larger garden pests; such as spiders and flies, which always seem to provide an excellent workout during the "chase" with a delicious meal at the end!


  1. Where is a Pink Panther when you need one, eh?
    But then again... Wasn't it an anteater...?

    1. There was an Aardvark if I remember correctly from the cartoon. It used to suck up the ants from their nests to eat! I think the Pink Panther was more concerned with outwitting the little detective man than eating any ants! he he! :-)

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