Wednesday, 25 July 2012

16/7/12 Cat Etiquette

I found this poster and thought I would share with my Blog readers, as I feel it is very appropriate for cats the world over!

Now, a checklist to analyse whether Bubbles is behaving according to "Cat Etiquette":

1) Remove kibbles from dish.... (Yes, often)

2) Be sick on the rug.... (Yes, always) (Bubbles excels at this, in fact she even did it into my other half's slipper the other week!)

3) Stand on owner, facing with bottom.... (Yes, often)

4) Scratch furniture when feel like it.... (No, very rarely) (Bubbles' furniture scratching is pretty much accidental and only occurs when climbing up something)

5) Kick litter all over the floor.... (Yes, often)

6) Shed fur everywhere.... (Yes, sometimes) (Bubbles usually just sheds on the bed where she sleeps but occasionally she finds a nice pile of white, clean towels on the bed, which then receive a coating of black fur!)

Not bad! A grand score of 5 out of 6!

Please share your cats ratings of "Cat Etiquette" on my new poll!


  1. This is just too true to be funny.

  2. Thanks for your comment Valerie. Yes it is very true! I wonder if you might like to share Alfie's behaviours on the poll? That's if he doesn't mind his secret cat behaviours being shared with mere humans of course!