Wednesday, 25 July 2012

22/7/12 Fridge Cleaning

After my gardening frenzy yesterday, I was certainly feeling in the mood for a bit of spring cleaning... so like a whirlwind whizzed round doing the washing, organising the cupboards and cleaning the fridge out.

Bubbles was enjoying a lazy day of relaxing under the bed in the cool, probably thinking it was best to avoid me incase I accidentally popped her into the fridge or in one of the cupboards; which reminds me of a story:

"Once upon a time, there was a much smaller cat named Bubbles, who was, in fact, still a kitten. One day, her human owner was busy making breakfast and had accidentally left the fridge door open.

Well, being a very inquisitive little cat, Bubbles' eyes went as big as saucers as she sat under the fridge door, gazing up in wonder at all the food lying on the glinting white shelves and sniffing the cool air which cascaded down from the shiny interior.

Bubbles desperately wanted to know what lay inside this large, delicious smelling contraption; so she crouched down on her haunches and with ever such a light spring, launched herself up, landing neatly on  one of those lovely, white shelves.

Bubbles wasn't sure about this new seating arrangement, as it did feel slightly cool on her bottom but decided to make the best of it and investigate her surroundings.

Meanwhile, her human owner, humming contentedly to herself, turned to replace the butter in the fridge and froze, butter in hand, gasping in horror!

'You naughty girl!' she remonstrated, swiftly removing the rather surprised kitten, who had just discovered where the ham was!"

Needless to say, I was rather late for wherever I was going that day, as instead of just eating breakfast and going out as planned, I suddenly had to schedule an entire spring clean of the fridge into my morning routine!!!!

Every time I open the fridge, to this day, I always push the door fully shut; just incase a certain someone decides to explore it again!

Ok, so our fridge isn't QUITE that big, or for that matter quite that full of wine or chocolate puddings but one can dream!

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