Sunday, 8 July 2012

4/7/12 Chocolate

This evening, after tea, I felt a bit peckish. Actually I felt a bit greedy and went scavenging through the kitchen cupboards to find a vast array of treats to devour.

Excitedly, I discovered a Crunchie Bar and somehow thought it was mine. Now this was a  serious error of judgement because I had actually eaten a Crunchie Bar a few days ago. I had also been the person who had BOUGHT the Crunchie Bars, so knowing I had bought two and eaten one should have brought me to the conclusion that the remaining Crunchie Bar in the cupboard was, in actual fact, my partner's chocolate bar. The chocolate bar which he had been saving!

Returning to work on the computer I forgot about my greedy treats and got on with my typing. Bubbles was fast asleep in the chair, after also enjoying some treats, of the Whiska's Chicken & Cheese variety!

A little while later my partner arrived home from an evening out with friends. We called "hello" to each other then I carried on typing; vaguely aware of him downstairs in the kitchen opening and closing cupboard doors.

"Have you seen my Crunchie Bar?" he called upstairs to me.


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