Sunday, 8 July 2012

3/7/12 Hanging Around

This evening I went to my Mum's house for a meal; to be greeted by the sight of yet another eight legged arachnid loitering high up on the wall.

Now Mum and I like to watch a particular drama series, which I was attempting to concentrate on this evening. The only trouble was that I ended up with a cricked neck from turning every few seconds to check that the spider was still in its place on the wall and had not somehow, freakishly made its way down the wall and crawled across the top of the settee to climb onto me!

Mum refused to remove the spider incase it inadvertently got squished on the wall (she has recently had decorating done!) I certainly wasn't going to attempt to remove it incase it decided to jump on me.

Bubbles would be very jealous, had she realised I spent the whole evening eyeballing a spider hanging around in the lounge. I should have taken her with me, then I would be sure to know the spider was still safely in place, as Bubbles would definitely not let it out of her sight!

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