Wednesday, 25 July 2012

13/7/12 Friday the 13th!

Whilst some are highly superstitious about Friday 13th, I did try to take no notice of the date. That was until, walking along the pavement I spied a ladder right in front of me, proppeed up against one of the terraced houses, completely blocking my route!

"Hmmmm, to walk under it or not?" I asked myself. "Not!" replied my subconscious so I went out of my way to ensure I stepped off the curb and did not walk under said ladder. Some may say this was more dangerous than actually taking the risk of stepping underneath the ladder. Superstitions aside, however, there is a good reason for this as I do remember a rather unfortunate incident as a child, when my father had been carefully painting the outside of our house (up on a ladder) and he came down to receive a cup of tea from my mother. Whilst standing, chatting away at the bottom of the ladder, the paintpot (which he had left balanced precariously at the top) somehow tipped over and emptied its contents entirely over his head!

Now, I wouldn't have wanted to walk under a ladder (on Friday 13th or any other time) and risk this happening to me. (Sorry Dad, for the embarrassing anecdote!)

Arriving back home in one piece (no paint on MY head) Bubbles and I went for a race round the garden, with no ladders present at all!

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