Sunday, 29 July 2012

28/7/12 Pruning

Today, my aching muscles suffered once again, as this time I tackled the front garden, where three bushes seemed to have morphed into one! I quickly set to work pruning the shrubbery with a pair of sharp secateurs.

I was quickly reminded of why I would fail abismally at hairdressing. Every customer would enter asking for a "trim" or "tidy up" and leave completely bald!

Having completed the backbreaking task of pruning the garden shrubbery, I stepped back to survey my work. Not bad really as I have managed to create two rectangular shaped shrubs and one tree shaped one (not the image above - my efforts were slightly less symmetrical!).

Bubbles spent the entire time supervising my efforts through the front window. I'm sure she wanted to come outside to help and was most put out to be confined indoors.

I was rather relieved not to find a resident hedgehog among the shrubbery, as we do have a friendly little fellow who seems to frequent our front garden, sniffing around and racing along at a tremendous pace for such little legs!

I can already see the weeds starting to peep through the paving slabs again in the back garden so no doubt will soon be slaving away at them again.

When did I ever find time to study?

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