Saturday, 16 June 2012

5/6/12 The Queen's Jubilee

"Dah da da da da DAHHHHHHHHHHH!" say the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Trumpeteers (or whatever they are called.) Unfortunately I will NOT be partaking in any festivities due to the rather large task of the EMA still hanging over me. Spending a day wearing trackies, an unironed t-shirt and sporting wild, unkempt hair is the limit of my glamour!

The nationwide rain must be a disappointment for street partiers, garden partiers and no doubt for the Queen herself.

Bubbles and I are oblivious to the appalling conditions outside; wrapped up in the warm with the heating on (yes, really, in June!) I am writing away, constantly at the computer. Only pausing to feed Bubbles, feed myself and scavenge the kitchen cupboards for important study items such as:
  • Biscuits ( x 8)
  • Mars Bar ( x 1) - frozen. Used as a bookmark whilst defrosting on the desk!!!!
  • Latte ( x 1 ) - well, microwaved milk with coffee and hot water added.... tastes goooooooooood!
  • Cheese on toasted rolls with added grilled potato ( x 2 ) Yum yum yum delicious!
  • Banana ( x 1 ) The toasted cheese and potato rolls just weren't quite enough. My brain is using a lot of energy today
  • Cups of tea made steaming and fresh (possibly into the 1000s) It is important to remain hydrated during prolonged periods of study
  • Cups of cold tea drunk whilst pulling a "disgusting" face (definitely 1000s) At least I remembered to drink them.... eventually!
  • Crisps ( x 1 ) Eaten during a "I need to step away from the computer for about thirty seconds to think" moment

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