Saturday, 16 June 2012

10/6/12 Sunshine

Of course, the sun had to come out AFTER our holiday to the seaside! But all the same it has been great to finally see some sunshine after an entire week of non-stop rain. I even managed to wash and dry three loads of washing!

Now my Open University work is finally complete, I feel I no longer have an excuse and can find no more avoidance tactics.... so today I MUST confront the ironing!

Bubbles does not like the ironing board and I do not leave her unattended in the same room as it, since a particularly nasty incident when she was much younger and tried to pull on the ironing board cover strings; resulting on the whole ironing board toppling over and banging her on the head, which I felt absolutely terrible about.

Now, she is banished from the room when the ironing board is set up (not that it is set up very often!)

Today, however, I managed to do three hours worth of ironing and feel satisifed to finally have a pile of washed an ironed clothes to wear


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