Saturday, 23 June 2012

20/6/12 Special Therapy

After yesterday's excitement about my exam results, I enjoyed a slightly calmer, more relaxing and less adrenaline fuelled day today!

Now I have definitely passed the course I am able to allow myself to put the course books away (it will make a change to see them arranged neatly on the shelf rather than dumped in a messy pile on the floor by my bed!)

I am also able to de-post-it-note them. A very specialised and therapeutic ritual involving ripping out, violently scrunching up and throwing away all the post it notes which have been marking pages in my text books!

Bubbles gets excited during this procedure as there are invariably a few post it note scrunches that miss the bin, providing her with an excellent scrunchy bit of paper to play and roll around the floor with!

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