Saturday, 16 June 2012

11/6/12 Spindly Spider

Yuk! Whilst on the telephone in the hall tonight, I noticed a rather large spindly legged creature on the wall! Yes, another spider of course!

I called Bubbles downstairs from her evening snooze. She emerged yawning and sleepy eyed but soon looked alert and wide awake when she saw the eight legged arachnid!

"Miaow!" she said, sitting neatly on the carpet, gazing up at the spindly legged one, twitching and wagging her tail furiously!

The spider was far too high for her to reach, even standing on her hind legs, stretching her front paws as high as she could up the wall. So I bravely flicked the spider onto the floor with a CD case.

Bubbles and the spider did what looked like a bizarre, ritualistic tribal dance around the hall, then the spider rushed off - to hide underneath the settee. MY settee! The settee I sit on every day. I shuddered, imagining innocently sitting down one evening only for the evil eight legged one to drop on my head or crawl onto my shoulder. YUK!

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