Friday, 1 June 2012

31/5/12 Silly Cat

Bubbles has been in a really daft, wild mood today. It started with her racing past me in the hallway, dashing to the bottom of the stairs, quickly checking to see if I was watching, then racing back the other way; leaping over lounge room obstacles on the way! This includes my other half's rucksack and various bags which are at present in a state of half-unpackedness all around the lounge!

Bubbles then took a flying leap onto her activity centre, where she gripped on with all four sets of claws, whilst turning her head upside down to look at me cheekily, as if grinning at me! She waited until I had made my way across the room towards her then as soon as I was in touching distance, leaped off - straight over the settee to zoom off to the stairs.

We enjoyed a mad half hour playing this game, until Bubbles had enough and went upstairs, where she was found later, wrestling with her large toy "hamster" (which is really a very fat stuffed cat toy mouse without a tail!)

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