Saturday, 30 June 2012

28/6/12 Frankenstein

Today I visited a church from the early Gothic period. Inside, it was magnificent with beautiful stone and tiled floors, intricate stained glass windows and tall, imposing gothic arches reaching skywards.

While I was enjoying a tour of the church, it suddenly went very dark, started raining heavily and thunder began to rumble.

At this point I was standing in the vestry, in the dark, with lightening flashing outside and thunder rumbling all around. It was exciting and very atmospheric!

Letting my imagine run wild, I imagined Frankenstein's monster rising from one of the caskets or appearing from behind an arch - robotically walking across the church towards me.  My arms and the back of my neck prickled with goosebumps.... Was this just the cold?

Emerging into bright sunlight after the storm had passed, I thought of Bubbles sitting at home, no doubt enjoying watching the storm from the warmth and comfort of the upstairs window!

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