Wednesday, 27 June 2012

25/6/12 Feed A Cold

Yuk! I woke up this morning with a streaming cold (I was starting to feel suspicious about the few sneezes yesterday which seemed to become more frequent as the day went on.) So, dosed up with cold capsules, I sneezed my way through the day and evening.

When I am ill I often tend to be even hungrier than usual (no mean feat) so decided to adopt the attitude to "feed a cold." (Well it is recommended by all good doctors.)

After my main meal I decided I would have a pudding - a rare treat - so opted for a bowl of rice pudding; a good hearty, wholesome choice. My other half was full so I popped his in the fridge for tomorrow, gave Bubbles a small portion in her bowl (she luuuurves rice pudding) and enjoyed eating my own portion. In fact.... I enjoyed it so much that I immediately returned to the fridge and devoured my other half's bowl of rice pudding as well!

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