Saturday, 16 June 2012

14/6/12 Reading For Fun!

After all my study reading I have decided to just read for pleasure for a while. I have been looking forward, for ages, to being able to pick up a novel or poetry book and read it guilt free, without feeling like I SHOULD be reading an Open University text book instead.

The only trouble is, I now have such a huge pile of books in my "Read this after Uni" pile that I do not know where to start! So, instead, like any sensible person would, I have been to The Works and bought another book, to add to my ever expanding collection.

Bubbles is unsure of this book, because it is all about cat behaviours! Of course, she approves of it in all the usual ways; it feels nice to rub her face against and as a hard back book, the corner is just perfect for flossing her teeth on! But she is a little unsure of the content, just in case the book manages to give away any of her cat secrets!

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