Saturday, 16 June 2012

9/6/12 Criccieth

We decided to drive down the North Wales coast to visit Criccieth this morning, before heading through the mountains on our way home.

Criccieth, with its high street, beautiful beach and castle was exactly the same as it was all those years ago when I first visited age seven! I still get the overwhelming, heart lifting  feeling of excitement and happiness when we drive along the coast road and the castle and sparkling sea suddenly emerge together.

I have many memories of Criccieth; many childhood ones and many adult ones now. I have visited in every season and no matter what the weather does, Criccieth always maintains its magic sparkle to me.

Today reminded me of many childhood visits in the rain, as I scampered down the stone steps onto the beach this morning I could have been my seven year old self again! The only difference is that now I am a bit taller I can see over the first breakwater and am possibly just slightly more cautious about leaping down onto the pebbles from the concrete wall at the foot of the steps!

A gentle drive to Porthmadog for some lunch, then homeward bound!  Unfortunately I neglected my navigational duties; shamelessly falling asleep in the passenger seat; reawakening just outside Welshpool in time to see a camper van knee deep in water where a small river had flooded onto the campsite.

We heard news stories of worse floods where entire caravan sites had been flooded and caravans washed away but knew to carefully avoid these areas.

On arriving safely back home, Bubbles was delighted to see us; purring, miaowing and forward rolling on the carpet to show her pleasure. She had been very busy in our absence; retrieving some of her toys I had deliberately locked away in the wardrobe due to them being quite raggedy now with bits coming off them that could be dangerous if chewed. Bubbles must have spied me putting "Green Dog" and "Marty Mouse" away in the wardrobe because she had carefully and deliberately managed to open the wardrobe door! Marty Mouse was lying in the middle of the bedroom floor, whilst Green Dog was in a half-disembowelled state halfway down the stairs with bits of stuffing all over the bedroom, stairs and landing!

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