Wednesday, 27 June 2012

24/6/12 Singing

Tonight, I very proudly went to see my Mum performing in her choir at the theatre. She did extremely well and enjoyed every minute of the performance; as did I.

Unfortunately, due to a crisis with the washing machine during the afternoon, there had not been time to have any tea before I went out.... so I had to make do with a very unhealthy tea of  crisps, a twix bar and a packet of chocolate buttons!

Bubbles was very curious about the strange noises coming from the washing machine (a rather worrying grinding sound!) She kept giving it funny looks as if requesting it to kindly be quiet and do its job! Then was most disturbed to be shoo'd out of the kitchen during the washing machine crisis, whilst I attempted to drain the machine onto a tray which I then tried to carefully pour into the sink. There was the odd mishap involving dirty washing machine water sloshing all down the kitchen side and I didn't think Bubbles would appreciate me spilling water all over her!

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