Saturday, 23 June 2012

18/6/12 Alarmed

Embarrassingly, today on returning to my car in a car park, it would not unlock! There was I, for several minutes, pacing about pointing the key fob in all different positions, looking very foolish and quite dodgy!

The car would not unlock so I rang my other half for step by step instructions on how to disengage the alarm (which sounded several times, very loudly indeed, with my head underneath the bonnet right next to the siren!) My hearing is now probably permanently damaged! Luckily I was able to disengage the siren but the problem seemed to be that although the siren was now switched off, the alarm was still actually going off - demonstrated by the hazard lights flashing every thirty seconds or so for my entire journey home!

Bubbles was highly surprised to see my rather flashy arrival home but I expect she was even more surprised when my other half was fixing the problem with the siren sounding several times again in the process! At least it didn't sound quite as loud or in such close proximity as the smoke alarm (which I do set off on occasion with my fantastically burnt cooking!) Bubbles really hates the sound of this and scampers off to hide under the bed or in the wardrobe whenever I set it off!

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