Wednesday, 27 June 2012

27/6/12 Sneezy

I was thrilled to discover that Monday's yukky cold was just a twenty four hour thing, however, today my hayfever seems to have gone beserk! I know it's my own fault that because of the unseasonally cold weather I have not been keeping up with my preventative hayfever spray. In view of this, it was a bit silly to go outside, attacking the long, meadow style grass in the garden with a pair of shears!

Bubbles was not particularly impressed by the shears; giving them funny looks and a wide berth as I chopped away (she probably didn't want an accidental haircut like the sheepdog on one of the TV adverts!) However, she was quite excited by the discovery of a large snail and spider on the garden wall - a discovery which I gave a very wide berth!

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