Saturday, 16 June 2012

13/6/12 A Mice Day

Bubbles has had a lovely day playing with her toy mice. This, I know because they keep appearing in various different places around the house. One minute all is quiet, then there is a sudden scuffling, intense "Miaowing" and a toy mouse is flung wildly down the stairs, followed by Bubbles in hot pursuit!

This always makes me laugh because one minute a toy mouse is lying innocently in the middle of the floor, then suddenly it is prime suspect number one with detective Bubbles on the case. She will hide round the corner of the settee, or behind her crinkly log tunnel, then suddenly pounce on the unsuspecting mouse, rolling, grabbing and kicking at it with her back feet until certain it has surrendered! Then she gallops off at high speed up the stairs to hide underneath the bed!

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