Saturday, 16 June 2012

6/6/12 Stress

 The final day of my degree looms (deadline = tomorrow at 12 noon)

Today I am feeling the pressure. Things go wrong that usually would not bother me - such as plastic tubs all falling out of a cupborad (a strange shrieky sound emerges from me whilst shoving and rearranging the offending articles; banging my head on the cupboard in the process!)

Papers mount on the desk!

Papers mount in the bin!

Papers end up on the floor!

My hair is wilder than usual - a sure sign of my declining mental state!!!!

Bubbles purrs peacefully in the chair, sometimes coming to rub my legs whilst I clatter away on the computer keyboard. She listens with one ear raised quizzically whilst I read aloud my essay, muttering to myself about improvements. Then listens whilst I read it aloud again.... and again.... and again.... and again!

Essay is sent off! I crack open a beer at 11.30 pm, toasting the completion of my final essay!

Wild hair finally gets washed and BREATHE!

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