Wednesday, 27 June 2012

26/6/12 Excitement

I really love it when new books arrive in the post. It gives me that excited, child on Christmas morning feelingwhen I rip open the package and examine my new treasures.

Today, my first two set textbooks for my Masters course arrived. I felt bizarrely nervous as I flicked through the pages; knowing these will become my Bibles for the next two and a half years. They did look nerve wrackingly difficult but I am sure once I begin to learn what they are all about, they will make more sense! I examined the texture, front cover and size and style of font as well as the layout of the text and taunted myself by reading a few words! I am looking forward to settling down to begin reading them properly....

After my mad ripping open of the package, I had left the ripped cardboard box on the floor (very lazily I must add,) when I heard a funny scratching sound "scratch, scratch, scratch" the sound went; "scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, SCRATCH!" I peered round the lounge door to discover Bubbles having the most fantastic time with her new toy - the ripped cardboard box! She was sitting on top of it, leaning forward to listen intently whilst patting a flap of cardboard that seemed to have a mind of its own; bouncing back up after every pat!

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