Saturday, 16 June 2012


I wake, from a not very restful sleep. I SHOULD feel satisfied, relaxed, a sense of achievement because my final essay has been sent off. Instead I feel doubts and little niggly "I should have done this.... I should have done that...."

Getting up, I make the bed, eat my breakfast, telephone my Mum.... Suddenly I realise I can't spend the next eight weeks having "I should have done...." niggles.

I race to the computer, fire up Microsoft Word and load my essay....

About an hour (and several tweaks) later, my essay is complete! I feel MUCH better knowing I have ironed out all the little bits I was feeling uncertain about. I still don't know whether it is any "good" and won't know until I receive my final grade in eight weeks time, but at least I now feel really properly satisfied with my attempt. I feel I have done my absolute best, tried my hardest and that is all that I can ever do

My essay is resent (an hour before the deadline)

The deadline has now passed.... I breathe a sigh of proper relief! I have done my best!

Now off to town for a manicure and lunch with my Mum

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