Saturday, 16 June 2012

16/6/12 Wet Cat

Today, for a change, yes you guessed it! It's RAINING! Another downpour with winds to rival a tropical hurricane.

On looking out of the window I decided I would definitely not be attempting to hang out the washing and did not really fancy entering the garden at all. Bubbles, however, had other ideas.

"Miaow!" She demanded at the back door, looking at me, tail raised high! "Well if you insist" I said. "But it is raining. It's REALLY raining. You won't like it!"

I unlocked the back door, Bubbles stuck her head out and I slurped my cup of tea; confident we would NOT be going outside. Then with a chirrup and a bounce, she jumped onto the patio and excitedly rushed onto the grass to investigate a large fallen piece of tree that had been ripped off in the night and was lying in the middle of the garden.

I hovered inside the back door, still drinking my tea in my slippers. I was impressed with Bubbles' bravery. Firstly for her to venture into the rain and also for her fearless investigation of the tree branch!

The rain started falling more heavily so I decided I really did need to close the back door,. Ushering a dripping Bubbles back inside we went upstairs to find a towel.

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