Friday, 17 August 2012

8/8/12 Vets

 Today, Bubbles has had a swelling on her lip again, which has flared up probably due to the trauma of the cattery. (As if we didn't feel guilty enough already having sent her there for a week.)

The lip swelling prompted an unwelcome visit to the vets. It goes without saying that Bubbles was HIGHLY UNIMPRESSED! On arrival, thankfully the waiting room was empty so we were whisked into the consultation room right away for the vet to do a swift but thorough examination, taking his own life heroically into his hands as he did so, whilst Bubbles growled and hissed as menacingly as she could whilst being held firmly in a pair of strong gardening gloves. (A necessity since a previous, unfortunate incident involving my other half's hand and Bubbles' sharp teeth!)

A quick jab of something to make the swelling disappear and she was bundled safely back into her cat carrier and off we went. Back at home, the growly cat had disappeared, replaced by a calm, serene creature who blinking prettily, stepped out of the cat carrier, stretched then bounced off upstairs to demand cat treats!

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