Friday, 17 August 2012

6/8/12 The Balloon

My Mum has given me a wicked "Congratulations" pressie, for passing my degree. It is a large, purple helium filled balloon that floats around the living room attached to a piece of pretty, weighted down ribbon.

I think it is fantastic but Bubbles, at first, was not sure!

The balloon arrived by car and was installed in the lounge under Bubbles' watchful cat's eye. She looked on suspiciously while the balloon was removed from its carrier bag; free at last to float up, displaying its full glory at ceiling height. Bubbles glared as the balloon bobbed around on the ceiling for a while. It then became still, swaying only in the occasional draught, as if to taunt her.

The balloon, now currently ensconced in its new home in the corner by the settee, likes to sway gently at the end of its ribbon, quietly minding its own business whilst enjoying its elevated position with views of the lounge room and garden!

At first Bubbles would come into the lounge then stiffen as she caught sight of the air filled imposter, throwing nervous backwards glances as she trotted quickly across the room to her activity centre, where she could hold the highest position, sitting high up, proudly on her platform. Now, however, she has accepted the new balloon as a part of the living room furniture. She happily trots in or out, taking no notice of it whatsoever. A few times while I have been sitting on the settee, she has jumped up onto my knee, leaned forward and carefully pulled at the ribbon with a gentle paw, watching , ears forward with curiosity, as the balloon jiggles merrily in the air.

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