Tuesday, 21 August 2012

14/8/12 London

Today, my friend and I had a fantastic day trip to London. We walked miles, seeing all the sights in the glorious sunshine. We visited the British Museum, Covent Garden, Leicester Square (twice due to map reading difficulties resulting in a slight, circular tour) and finished with the Tate Modern Gallery.

Later that night my feet were so painful I couldn't wait to take my shoes and socks off and lay, half unconscious on the settee (ok, slight exaggeration) sipping tea to revive me suitably to make it up the stairs to bed.

Bubbles was very unsympathetic to my foot problem, thinking it a great game to bounce on my bare feet in  rugby tackle style as I was walking up the stairs! Well, I had woken her at a most unsociable hour this morning to catch the train at the crack of dawn!

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