Sunday, 5 August 2012

30/7/12 - 4/8/12 Saundersfoot Holiday

This week, my other half and I have been on our summer holiday, to Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire, Wales. While we were away on holiday the results came in for the very final piece of assessed work for my English Language and Literature degree.

I PASSED! YIPPEE! (see the rather excitedly written writing above!)

This excellent news proved a fantastic start to our holiday, where even the heavy rain could not dampen our spirits. Each day brought new and interesting weather conditions; some days we had rain beating down sideways in the morning then a few hours of clear skies before the next onslaught! One day we even had.... wait for it.... SUNSHINE ALL DAY! (Albeit a bit cool and windy, but sunshine nevertheless!)

We enjoyed lots of outdoor activities, including walking along the beautiful, sandy beaches at Saundersfoot, Amroth and Tenby:

We enjoyed pottering around Saundersfoot village and visiting the bustling, beautiful and quaint seaside fishing town of Tenby:

One evening we drove along the coast to watch the surfers at Manorbier. The sea looked cold and grey. For once, even I wasn't tempted with my body board!:

Our week's holiday seemed to go far too quickly, as time always does when you're enjoying yourself.  Soon it was time to pack for our return home.

Bubbles was so glad to see us when we arrived to collect her from the cattery. She had realised a couple of days before we went that we were "planning" a holiday, as animals just always seem to know.

I caught her sitting in various drawers as I left them open when packing, as if she were trying to say "pack me!" I also discovered her lying on top of the suitcase underneath the bed; probably a clever attempt to stop us from using it, therefore, foiling our plans to go on holiday!

Alas for Bubbles her cunning efforts were to no avail and she looked on, mortified, as we packed our things and got her equipment ready for the cattery. During the final packing stages she hid behind the TV in a last ditch attempt to avoid the cattery; by hiding out of reach with the most awful facial expression designed to make us feel like the worst and cruelest owners in the world as we packed her off to the cattery for a week.

On our return, however, all has been forgiven. I awoke this morning in the early hours, to find a very heavy but happy pussy cat lying on top of me purring. She has been investigating the whole house whilst "Miaowing" loudly. No doubt checking all is in order on her return

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